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Turkish Bread

1. Long flat Turkish Bread Approx 600g 50cm L x 20cm W
2. Dinner Turkish Buns Approx 6cm Diameter
3. Round Turkish Bun Approx 550g. Bun approx 12cm Diameter
4. Oval Turkish Rolls Approx 600g. Roll approx 16cm L x 10cm W
5. Baby Turkish Rolls Approx 600g. Roll 20cm L x 8cm W


* Please note that all of our great Efe’s Bakery products are handmade, so
size and shape will slightly vary.

Continental Range


1. Vienna Loaf White and Wholemeal Approx 800g. 30cm L
2. Continental White Crusty Loaf Approx 750g 30cm L
3. Extra Long Continental French Stick Approx 45cm L

Thin or Thick Slice is available on the above three lines.



1. Turkish Lavash Wrap Thin Approx 50cm L
2. Turkish Pita Wrap Thin Approx 22cm in Diameter
3. Gozleme Turkish Pita Wrap Thin Approx 30cm in Diameter

Buns & Rolls


1. Knot Roll White & Wholemeal Approx 12cm Diameter
2. Continental Roll White & Wholemeal Approx 20cm L
3. Burger Buns Plain Approx 10cm Diameter
4. Hot Dog Roll Approx 20cm L


Round Pizza Bases


1. Original Pizza Bases Three Sizes
Small Approx 15cm Diameter
Medium Approx 25cm Diameter
Large Approx 33cm Diameter

2. Woodfired Pizza Bases Four Sizes
Small Approx 16cm Diameter
Medium Approx 28cm Diameter
Large Approx 33cm Diameter


Pizza Bases


1. Monster Stone-baked Rectangle Slab 40cm x 60cm




1. Foccacia Round Buns Approx 12cm Diameter
2. Foccacia Slab Approx 40cm x 30cm
(basil, oregano, olive oil, mint)
3. Focaccia Roll 22cm L X 7cm w

Toast Bread


1. Toast Bread 800g Block White and Wholemeal
2. Toast Bread 800g Sliced White and Wholemeal (Thin or Thick Slice

Speciality Bread


1. Ciabatta Loaf Approx 500g
2. Sour Dough Buns Approx 12cm Diameter
3. Plain Long Panini Approx 23cm L
4. Square Panini Approx 11cm x 11cm
5. Focaccia Roll 22cm L X 7cm w

Garlic Bread


1. Turkish Continental Ciabatta Garlic Bread
3 rolls per pack
Approx 8 pieces filled with our own home made Garlic Butter, Dried
Parsley and wrapped in foil

* Our Turkish Continental Ciabatta Garlic bread is already all hand made from
start to finish! Sliced buttered and wrapped in foil for you. Simply pre heat
oven to 180o and bake Garlic bread for approx 20 minutes. Crispy garlic bread
in no time!

Fruit Bread


1. Fruit Loaf Block 900g (Thin Slice or Thick Slice is available)


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